$25 FOR 5 WEEKS!

Get your fitness on track with unlimited group sessions!

Put up your hand 🤚 if you have been having a tough time keeping yourself healthy, active and happy post lockdown? 


👊🏼 You are not alone!


Many Scoops members have not returned and have struggled to ‘get back into it’ and are therefore feeling pretty crap for the lack of exercise and healthy living.

👊🏼 We can HELP you get your mojo back. 

👊🏼 We would love to see you again so we are offering you $25 per week for your first 5 weeks back - this offer is for all people that have been but are not currently Scoops members.

👊🏼 You will have access to Unlimited Group Sessions and there is no obligation to continue training. 

👊🏼 How does this sound? If you are interested, click on the link and fill out the details. We will contact you to get you started.